Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well, we've been up to a lot lately! First, I can say that we've bought/acquired/ordered ALL of the furniture for Mary Corinne's room. Yea! Mom and Dad were generous enough to pass along a dresser from my Grandmother Clara that Brooke sanded and painted white. It looks great and will be perfect as a dresser and then changing table on top. I've ordered green glass pulls to go on the dresser (they're in, but not on the dresser). Next, we had to finish painting the hallway and stairway upstairs. So, that was a big project of spraying and painting. Since, Brooke has pulled up the carpet down the hallway up there and as he refinishes the hardwoods in Mary Corinne's room, he'll also refinish the hardwoods in the hall. We will eventually, in probably the fairly near future, also pull up the carpet going down the stairs and refinish those. The wood is beautiful, so that's great! Finally, Brooke painted the nursery. We first painted it all white and then did a diamond pattern "treatment" on the wall where the crib will go. It really looks great and will echo the pattern on the draperies. The color we painted is Pale Vista by Benjamin Moore. It looks darker in these photos than it really is---it's very pale. Also, we made a trip down to Scott's Antiques this weekend and picked up an armoire. GREAT deal! We got it from a place called Barnyard Antiques. If you ever need a dresser, table or armoire---go there! Amazing wholesale prices. There is one small problem with the armoire---it's black. It was our favorite style, so we bought it and Brooke is going to either strip it and leave it a light wood color or we'll paint it (just depends on how much work is involved!). I also ordered the glider from Wiggle Worm in a celery stripe. At least some progress is being made!!

As you can see, it was a process---I'm glad Brooke is good at math! We all know that I'm NOT! We painted everything white first, let it dry and then he started the taping...

The finished product!

This is the bumper bedding---aqua and celery with peacocks!

Started with a nice dresser than needed some TLC...

A bit of cleaning...

Some repair work...


And then done! I know this is not the best pic, but it looks great---you'll see it when it's in the room with the new pulls...

Yes, he is this goofy! :) I posted this mainly because I wanted to show the ridiculous scaffolding that he made---2 ladders, one upside down in order to reach the top of the stairs. Glad it didn't all come tumbling down! :)

And, the armoire we found at Scott's. Like I said, it will not stay black, we just loved the classic shape of this one (not to mention it was a STEAL!). This will offer some more space for hanging clothes, folding blankets and even toy storage.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh my, it's been a while!

Yes, I know, I's only been 5 months since I last posted! Oops! I'm sure people have stopped checking in. Lots of news since December, though! Most of you know that Brooke and I are expecting our first baby, a little girl! She's due September 3rd and after much discussion, we've decided on her name, Mary Corinne. We've painted the office since my last post, Ashley Gray. Brooke also refinished the floors in there and they look great. But, none of that is as exciting as the nursery post, so I'll get that up first and then move on to the office. Oh, and yes, the stairway and hallway to our room and the nursery is now the same half strength peanut shell as in the downstairs hallway. SO much better!

On we go with the nursery! Of course, most of you know I couldn't be completely normal with the colors. But, I didn't want to go too wild. At this point I suppose the colors are pretty typical of the rest of our house...coral, aqua/turquoise, and celery green. I found a bumper that I LOVED at Serena and Lily that inspired everything. And, then I found some coral fabric that I couldn't part with, so I ordered that too. Then, it was just trying to decide how to tie it all together. So, I've posted some photos below that will hopefully help! We'll be using a dresser from my Grandmother Clara's house and repainting that for a dresser and changing table. Going to Scott's in Atlanta in June to look for an armoire and we'll be ordering a glider that's celery and white stripe. And then there's still the rug and wall decor. Whew, I'm tired!

Oh, and one thing I forgot to include...the link to the lamp that I want for next to the glider (in celery and white stripe):

So, here are the swatches. The top left is the white crib sheet with aqua and celery polka dots. The middle stripe sample is the bed skirt. The bed skirt will be straight with 3 pleats and an inch and a half coral ribbon running across the bottom. The far right swatch is the crib bumper:

The paint samples are what we'll be painting the walls in there...we'll go for the lighter celery color. And, finally, the background fabric (the coral diamond) will be the drapery panels.
So, I've started gathering objects. This little bench is from Southside Galleries and it doesn't look like much, but the aqua color is an exact color match. We're ordering the glider in a celery and white stripe and I thought this would be perfect in front of that. I might even cover it...
The room in it's current, pitiful state! JUNK room! Anyone want to buy a red desk and chair? :)
Again, looking towards the small closet (we're planning on buying an armoire to add more storage to the room).
And, looking from the hallway into the room. The crib will go to the far left wall. The glider will go to the right of the window.

Style of drapery panels (the drapes will be in the coral diamond pattern with aqua and celery grosgrain ribbon running down the sides and across the bottom).

The crib!

Funky pendant light for overhead!